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Cali so far Date: Jul 25th @ 5:14am EDT
While being here in Cali it sure is different then las vegas. You can feel the difference in the energy, the weather, and really the climate. It's great how it actually changes temperature at night compared to vegas where it's still 105 at night time.

The last 2 days I took my dog belle for a walk in the morning and at night and it sure is peaceful and beautiful here. I'm nestled on the edge of a big hill with tons of flowers and natural wild life all over the place. On my walk tonight I saw a coyote and another started to follow us and thankfully we didn't have any trouble. I wasnt really that scared or worried but then I saw a second one and at that time of the night you just never know what is going to happen, so we started to book ass back in the direction where there was more light and they would try and not follow.

Good thing is they only did follow just a for a few minutes but scary enough I tell ya. They wanted food and good bet was they would try my dog, but we wouldnt go down without a fight :)

I woke up so early today that it's kind of crazy how I crashed around 11pm and didn't realize why I was so tired. But yup thats a great reason.
Made it to cali Date: Jul 23rd @ 8:14am EDT
Hey everyone hope you all had a great week without me haha. I was trying to get in as much as possible before I left vegas and came out here. The drive last night was insane. The air leaving vegas was so hot and each 30 minutes or so the temperature was dropping and I actually got to drive with my windows down. So when I left Vegas it was 108 degrees I get about 2 hours in my trip it was only 68 degrees and the stars looked so close that we all could have reached out and touched them.

Now that I'm here in California, The plan is to work a minimum 6-8 hours everyday online and stay in the top 40 all the time. If you have any questions about the time I'll be on just look up my schedule here on flirt. I'll be posting that starting friday.

Quite a few people have been calling me using the flirt phone and so should you. It's such a great and easy way to call me. This way we can stay in touch anytime of the day and set up shows, talk sex, dominate, or just simply chat about the day and have a nice convo.
july 17 Date: Jul 17th @ 11:44pm EDT
Ok so this is my last friday living here in Las Vegas. It sure is getting way to surreal. Life starts to move real fast when you realize all of the things that you still need to do. Tonight I am dancing well being a togo dancers at share night club here in Vegas. We have a lot of dancers from all over coming in and should be a really good night and I'm excited about it. Need to make those tips baby lol. Will let everyone know how that goes, plus upload some pictures later, i forgot all about that.

Tomorrow is when I move some of my things like my couch, bed, tv stand and dressers into my friends storage. Thinking that he will just keep them and use them for his place at a later time. Was going to keep them but then thought why should I. how about just moving and starting completely over and get things moving. Will be really nice to not pay rent for the next few months and really start to get my life together and moving along. It's really exciting. The place I'm moving to is Burbank, CA. It's not as close to la as I would like, but its perfect and I'm so appreciate of it and realizing that the universe is sending me exactly where I'm meant to go. Iv'e tried to live normal, tried the full time job, and normal relationship and guess right now it is not for me and here I go, back to cali.

Can't wait to wake up that first morning and go to the beach.
Contest today Date: Jul 16th @ 8:20pm EDT
About to start my shift and there is a contest today. My goal is 10,000 credits, for the day, so far I'm at 3,200 so lets make it happen. Oh and this is for the fans who been asking me about my fan club. I will be posting new showers, jack off, and muscle shows to it, with new picture to go with it. Any specific requests please send me an email here on flirt and then the videos can be made.

If you have any questions on what my schedule will be best way is to email me and let me know around what times are good for you. I'm going to put together a collage of times and see what best fits the majority of time requests.

It's weird moving at all, I still have quite a bit to pack and move. My last week here in vegas. I'll be back of course but will be sometime. This move to vegas showed me a lot of things about myself that I will have shown over and over again. That being said now I will not make those same mistakes moving to California. The plan in place now is pretty solid and the life is starting to look pretty good.
Last week in vegas Date: Jul 15th @ 9:47pm EDT
some of you may or may not know that I've decided to move to vegas. There could be a million reason why I didn't do the things that I could have here but it's not happening ;like I wanted to and this move to California will be my last place. Moving is one of the most irritating things ever. Take that back it's only not fun when you are moving when you don't quite feel like you have your life together yet maybe thats the best way to put it. This weekend I'm togo dancing thursday, friday, and saturday here in vegas.

This last weekend here in vegas I really want to make memorable. Of course it won't be my last ever, but will be for sometime. The cool thing about being a dancer these last few months is that it's not hard at all. People are actually quite respectful; and just happy that you are sharing apart of yourself and supplying some entertainment in their life. Last week after talking to one of my friends, my perception changed completly. There are times when dancers of course have bad weeks in their personal lives and well thats just life. The thing that we all need to know as performers though and it's the same thing here on flirt. When people come to be entertained thats the only the that they want. Here you can talk a little more and chat, but still need to portray a certain image or what would someone come back to see you instead of anyone else. It's totally makes sense.

One of the things he had told me was, Jesse you live in Las vegas, I think yoou forgot what that means. People from all over the world come here just to see vegas and they want an experience outside of their normal lifestyle and you have the change to provide that to them. After he said that, a light bulb came on and it truly made a ton of sense and changed they my dancing has come along.
Last night Date: Jul 14th @ 11:56am EDT
Damn its been a very long night. I started the night around 830pm and I'm still up. I got offline around 5am. Since then I've been packing my bags, and throwing away a ton of stuff before my move. Last night the CUM show I did was very successful I will have to do that again asap. What made it go so easy was I started at 1800 credits and that went right away.

Doing longer group shows makes it much easy to get more people to come in so I will for sure stick with that.

LOL so my garbage man is going to be so damn mad today. I have at least 20 bags out there of stuff that I just don't give a fuck to have anymore and It's good to just throw stuff away and start over. Sure will be a good feeling to get out to California and feel the breeze on the ocean and put my feet in the sand.

Once out there I will be going over Glendale and west hollywood to be figuring out which gym there I want to work at. Well there is an offer already at both locations. For what I want to do I'm sure that the west hollywood location will be better suited for me.

ok I have to run and get a ton of stuff done today. I will see you all later.
Sunday fun day Date: Jul 12th @ 9:13pm EDT
Well I'm def not having a normal sunday fun day lol. I'm working online after I cleaned up the house for a bit and decided what I/m going to keep for my move and then throw away, other stuff sell at the garage sale. Today I will work until 9pm, and then go through the rest of the stuff.

Tonight at 10pm it's leg and shoulder day. One of the things that I decided to do is not do cardio anymore. One of the things I do is start out on the track and do walking lunges. Do about 15-20 each leg and then jog 1 lap and then repeat this 5 times. It's a great way to get the heart going.

From there squat machine is next, not free squat I can't do that anymore because of my back. I love the machine anyways. Do you have a favorite leg machine or workout let me know. I never go heavy on squats just super slow with about a 4-6 second negative and a quick 2 second positive movement. Reps from 6-8. the slower the movement you can still get a great result without going heavy and without blowing to your back and being put down for a few months.

Lot's of gym rats always stick with the same routine and we all need to switch it up. After doing squats I move over to the hamstring machine. I superset 2 types of hamstring machines. First is the lying hamstrings, then move right to the standing 1 legged hamstring curls. Make sure to squeeze at the top of each movement.

Whats new? Date: Jul 9th @ 10:00pm EDT
Last night was quite fun online. If you missed it lets do a recap. I started in party chat with some blue diesel underwear and body was already sweating. While standing there and getting a good pump on I decided to turn some music on and dance in between my resting periods of my sets. Sounds good so far right?

Afterwards the best thing to do was get in the shower and rinse of all that sweat. Once my goal was met the group decided that I should do a naked handstand in the shower. The first time cock first, and then second ass towards the camera. They of course loved in and was quite fun to do. Continuing just a normal sexy and soapy shower.

One of the last things I decided to do was play with my cock and have a stroking party. So we all stroked our cocks for about 45 minutes, get it nice and hard without cumin, you know feeling that beautiful sweet EDGE, but not going over it.

Can't forget the ass fans right?? They want to see some positions with my ass all curvy as I was say it but you fill in your own blank. Putting the camera on the floor allows good lighting also shows the perfection of the body part of the glute, the meaty part. The next angle was from my desk to where I was lying on the bed cross ways, in the doggy style position. I've been working on my lower back muscles, always thought that is one of the hottest part on the human body.

Hope to see you online tonight.
mondays workout, Date: Jul 7th @ 1:03am EDT
How is what I did today at the gym considered spam?? It's called a workout.

Today I did chest and back. It's been a very long time since I got a good workout in. I was on this medication and it wasn't allowing me to have the need to eat or even want to eat that much so I lost a bunch of weight and lots of strength. That being said today I ate a ton of food and let that shit work. Also went heavy today no more of this little weight shit. Have to push the muscles.

My super set was Pullovers to chest dips on the machine. 4 sets of 6-15. Each workout I'm about to talk about I also dropped the weight in half after each set and did a few more reps.

Second super set was incline seated one arm pull downs, with machine incline chest press.
These rep ranges were between 8-13 I think somewhere around there.

Third set was One arm chest flys with a very strict tension on the last 6inches of the movement and switched back and forth until I couldn't feel my chest anymore or even move it.

After that one more back exercise. Used the hydraulic weights, which was quite fun. Always such a smooth feeling with no jerking protecting the muscles.

Looking forward to the progress and seeing what type of results can happen!
Road to fitness Date: Jul 6th @ 12:22am EDT
Once again its like starting all over. I've lost a lot of weight these last 3 months due to work and circumstances in my life, but like the saying goes that is just way life is. What I did was just chill the last few weeks and decide to take off form the gym, so Today marked my first day of training. I will be doing 2 a day training sessions, until I get to where I want to. Working out is the one thing that brings happiness to me, and will always bring me back on track.

My goal is to be 185 lbs and 7.5 percent.

After putting my 30 day notice in, I will be leaving las vegas for a while. My first stop will be in California, and then heading home to wisconsin and spend time with my family. Sometimes you just have to go home and be around those who you love so much. It truly helps a ton.

Perception is reality and I def have had the wrong perception of my own reality. Life is not about what is given to you. But its what you take out of life and what you can give back, what you learn and work hard for.

It would be nice to hear from you all, and what is new in your life.

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