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A few times each week, I do shows only my members. Basically the best shows I can come up with only for those who are special enough and join my fanclub. I'm hoping this to be a great experience for everyone and plus you save 5% on every show with me fore

Hello friends Date: Jun 18th @ 6:59pm EDT
Whats going on with you? Does anyone have plans to go anywhere this summer? I would like to go on a cruise and get out of town for a while and experience something new. Life can pass us by so quickly and then everything is to care and then you live with regret and I do not care for that to happen.

We can either go through life and get things done or we can curl up and wither away which sounds better to you lmao?

I went on my first date in forever. We went to the movies to see jurassic park and then to my favorite place the yard house. IF you have never ate there, then that is something you need to do today, like asap. The beer there is so tasty that I have to go back just to have that and I don't even like beer. Thats defiantly saying something. Any yes she is black haha surprise surprise.

I am now dancing at multiple night clubs here in vegas and will start driving for lyft very soon. I like that each job will allow me to be more flexible with all the things that I do. I can not wait to start doing all the things that I love. The cool thing about driving is that you can work anywhere anytime! It's EDC weekend here so trust me it's going to get crazy and I can not wait!!!!!
6 months really? Date: Jun 16th @ 11:34pm EDT
It's kind of crazy how I logged on and saw December 17th was the last time I uploaded anything to my personal blog. Well that just surprised me a bunch. I was working in timeshare the last 6 months and it literally took all my time. When I got home it was always late and literally had no more energy left to do anything. After sometime of that and realizing that my goals and my body were diminishing quickly I decided to let it go. My managers were rude and just plane insane with unreal expectations.

I now work at share night club in las vegas also Pirahana. Dancing at both of these and having a blast sure has become a fun time for me and allowed one to start focusing on just me again.

What have I missed? Anyone worth checking out, maybe some new hot models that are you favorite? My best friend since high school is coming out to see me on june.19th and I can not wait to see him, its going to be a mother fucking blast from the past. Time to kick it into gear and start making some shit happen :) Probably go to a few clubs, hiking, ski diving, boating, and so much more. That's us just getting started, anyone care to join??

Ok well I'm going to jump online so I hope to see you all soon.
Whats up :) Date: Dec 17th @ 10:57pm EST
Hey everyone hoping you all had a great day. I'm cleaning the house, basically a deep clean before I had back to Wisconsin. It's crazy how you can live day to day and think your house is somewhat clean until you seriously start cleaning it, which is kind of disgusting. My flight leaves on friday at 11:37am and will be flying into Minneapolis and from there Central Wisconsin airport. Arrival time is some time around 9pm.. I think. Like 8:47 central time zone. Anyways back to life now haha. Things have been a bit different when logging on here... I'm wondering why that it is. It's getting kind of straight up irritating. There are some days I get it that there will be people who ask me to do stuff for free, Understandable. BUT. The other day I was online for 5 hours and someone called me boring bc I wasnt naked and stroking my cock, now this is while I'm in FREECHAT mode and then another dude was like well this other model is naked in freechat and just doing his thing. Well of course I had to go check it out and hell ya actually 2 other models were naked in free caht just stroking their cock. Well I'm sorry but I'm not turning into a free whore for all to enjoy so If I seem a bit BITCHYwhen you come into my room please just ask me why and then at that point I'll explain. Normally I don't let others get to me but at the rate things are going it's basically pointless to get on. So I'm asking my fans to help out while I'm online. If you see others asking way to much for free shit or for me to do something its nice to get help from that chat room and not always me telling them, that make sense?

My fans have always been amazing and I want to thank all the good ones out there. You all know who you are :) Even if your in another room and see people doing that just speak out bc it's making the good models get frustrated as well as me .
What a night Date: Dec 15th @ 7:02pm EST
I'm still in recovery from Saturday night. My night started out at the Wynn Las vegas. Went to the 10th anniversary of Le Reve The Dream. Went there with my friend who writes for the Las vegas chatter. WE got some awesome tickets front row and I def would recommended this to anyone. After the show we went to peppermill and thats the first time going. the staff was great and mostly all of them have worked there for while.To my surprise my waitress was only 27 and she has worked there for 8 years! The other person has worked there for 6 years. I guess business is good and that once you start working there you don't want to stop. I got a Gyro and it was perfect size and didn't need anymore or any less. Prefect really. also the meat wasnt near as high in sodium like a lot of other places.

Then on to Liason nightclub. this is considered las vegas newest LGBT night club and well we got a free comped bottle and was great time. Now not exactly my cup a of tea, but everyone was nice and was treated like royalty so I can not complain at all. If you are coming to Las vegas and want a great place to go and music was damn good to. Also if you like big muscle hunks dancing all over in the rooms on stages then you will love going there.

I ended up losing my phone sadly had so many pictures and so much on there it's quite disgusting and ruined the night, and I havent felt good since that night so I'm thinking that something was put into my drink and then it hit me later, bc there is at leat a 2 hour gap of time that I cant recall a damn thing basically like a black out and I know i didnt take any drugs but from what I heard i was doing then damn I'm quite over going out and drinking just bc even wheni have 1 or 2 something bad happens at the end of the night and I'd rather just start playing it safe and stop drinking while be ing out all together. With me planning on doing a fitness show here in a few months its a good thing anyways. Look forward to hearing from you all on your holidays adventures. Talk to you all soon!
It's da weekend Date: Dec 12th @ 9:15pm EST
Oh it Friday and I wonder what it is going to happen :) Who will be number 1 after the weekend? IS anyone going to break records. Maybe a new big time spender :) It being the holidays and ALL. It's time to thank everyone that has been there since my DAMON days and of course to everyone else who has been there and supported me an anyway possible. When promoting me to friends please use this web address : This helps new customers come directly to my room and make the whole process so much easier.

If you have not heard or signed up with my FANCLUB now is the time to do so. Each week I have been putting new content such as shower shows, jacking off, muscle worship and baby oil with extreme sexiness of what we models call lighting effects :)

Just got the letter back from UNLV that I can start classes in January so I might be taking just 8 credits. I only want to go halftime right now while I start my new job on January 5th. I figured I should be able to do 2 classes with my set schedule. One will for sure be math and the other probably a 4000 level psy course or business marketing class. I'm looking forwards to starting this year with so many new adventures. I will mostl likely be online only during the time of 6pm-9pm PST. and go from there :) Have a great day and I hope to see you online.
TBT Date: Dec 11th @ 8:23pm EST
So I would love to see some of your Throw back Thursday photos. It's interesting on how life changes and so do we all. I had my first facial today in like probably 4 years. It's safe to say it was needed. I was breaking out around my eyes which I have never had acne at all and so this was a bit of a surprise to me. That's why a few weeks ago the decision was made to make the appointment and see how my face clears up. She even said how weird it was that the acne was only around the eyes and no where else. Thats good news though. She said my skin was really healthy and that I should start using a toner on my face every night before bed and to make sure that I'm using a moisturizer. Living in different states like colorado and wisconsin before vegas has left my skin used to the extra humidity.

Hopefully for my birthday I can get an actual face peel. ONe of my PT clients just had one done and he is 46 years old mine you and I swear he looked 20 the day after, it was amazing. Def will be going to the same person. All this being that online is good and of course money is there. Happy holiday season to everyone and I hope everything is coming to an end well for us all, and if it's not somehow we at least get to find some joy during this beautiful time of year.
Wednesday really? Date: Dec 10th @ 5:11pm EST
Anyone else getting the feeling that this year is coming to an end rather quickly? It feels like I wake up and another week has gone by. That sure does suck, but makes one cherish the time that I do have. So only 9 more days left until I go home to wisconsin. My sister is going to be having the b a b y any day now and I can not wait to see the little guy :)

Oh I wanted to ask everyone and see if you were traveling for the holidays and if so where were you going? How long or far is the travel. I love getting pictures from my fans all over and getting to see the world especially during the holidays. Christmas is my favorite holiday and here we go baby. Snowmobiling, some four wheeling depending on the weather and all. But either way even if it's cold I'm going out there and enjoying the snow as much as I can. My parents told me it's been around 10 degrees and below with the windchill factor, no that's pretty damn cold lol. I'll be talking a lot of Christmas and the holidays so hopefully we all can get in the spirit and have a merry Christmas.
Damn it's sunday? Date: Dec 7th @ 7:08pm EST
Is not crazy that another week has gone by? It amazes how just little time we have. It's just yesterday that I had my birthday and that was in January of last year! I'm hoping that this month brings in some benefits bash wise and also career moves. So Mark your calenders on dec. 19- dec.27th I will be in Wisconsin spending time with my family and therefore will not be online at all during this time nor a few days before and after. The reason I won't be online after is I start my new job on the monday. So I will be in training during that time. During this full time job I will have a normal schedule and that will consist of somewhere during the time of 6-9 or 7-9pm PST. I'm feeling that this will be a good time during the week and that way all of you can plan on when im online. We miss each other a lot and that might be my fault for not communicating better. Always a great way to reach me when I'm offline is to use the FLIRTPHONE. I have it priced quite low and that way you can call direct to my cellphone and we can talk about anything and then we also don't miss each other when im online. To many people say damn I wish you would have been online today or yesterday. If you call me then it would be a simple step as hey Jesse can you do a show at this time or not? Just putting that out there so we all have more options not to miss out on.

Have a great start to your work week tomorrow. Happy monday :)
Friday is here Date: Dec 5th @ 5:06pm EST
Last night was a lot of fun :) I was chilling and gambling haha. First we sat down at the bar where you can gamble and you know not pay for the drinks? So for you that do not live here and not aware, most of the bars are set where you can sit down put some money into the machines and as long as you are playing like a $1 a hand you can get your drinks for free. They don't really watch so you can sit there for a while and socialize while not spending a ton of money and this is a perfect idea for a date because then no one is really spending more then the other. Was about to leave Planet hollywood and had to use the restroom first. While waiting I decided to put some money into the machine by the bathroom, well needless to say I won 186.00 on a $2 bet so I was quite happy with that situation LMAO. I went up another $50 or so and sat there for about 2 hours. and Walked away still up $85 so thats not bad at all.

I'm really hoping that cams are super busy this weekend and it kicks some serious butt!! If your reading this please take a second and go send over some boost points that will help the process this weekend :) Have an amazing weekend and if your traveling be safe and let me know how you are doing.
Thursday night Date: Dec 4th @ 8:31pm EST
It's been since april that Iv'e been back home and in 3 weeks I get to go back :) Headed that way dec.19th- dec.27th. Home is back in Wisconsin and seems to be quite cold there compared to here in Vegas of course. But I'm super excited and pumped up to see everyone. Better yet that when i get back I will be starting a full time job on that monday and so the new year should be bringing in some pretty cool things. Speaking of weather. The las vegas area weather has been great the last three days because of the rain and overcast. The sun is beautiful but at the end of the day it;s nice to see something else besides no blue skys haha. I know it could be worse right lmao. Anyways what and where are all of you going for the holidays? Anyone traveling across seas to see family or maybe a long trip?

My trip will stat at 1130am, and fly into Minneapolis airport, stay there for a layover for 3.5 hours, and then go ton a small airport in Central wisconsin with an arrival time of 7:54pm Central time zone. I will not be online at all during this time home or be able to be reached.If you want a show before christmas now would be a great time to do it.

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