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happy wednesday Date: Dec 3rd @ 11:51am EST
Good morning everyone. How are you? It's the middle of the week what are your goals. Does anyone have plans for this weekend? I'm going to be online early today about 1015am. Going to start and try to make sure that my schedule is set up for a normal work week job :) Plus its been kind of dead at night so I'm going to see how it is online during the day and during the workout week, I'm hoping that it is much busy.

My friend mike and I are going home to Wisconsin for the holidays. I didn't think I was going home but then my friend has never been there and well it was a bucket list type thing. Now I get to see all my family and also my new nephew that will be born any day now so thats really exciting.

Snowmobiling, four wheeling, lots of time in the snow is exactly what I'm going to be doing and well its safe to say that lots of time by the fire place haha. Oh and I'm going to find someones hot tub and sit outside while it snows out and I can't wait for that. See you all soon online. Jesse
HELLO MONDAY :) Date: Dec 1st @ 3:53pm EST
Hey everyone. Just wanted to say thank you all for signing up and continue being such great fans. I want to reach more of you and it seems sometimes we miss each other. I live in las vegas which is Pacific Standard Time zone. If you would like a show with me please either send me an email here, or call me using the FLIRTPHONE and then we can talk about arranging a show. Plus please let me know some videos you would like in my fanclub. I'm thinking about doing a shower one tonight so be on the look out for that and enjoy :)

That being said I start my new job on Dec.8th and wil lbe monday through friday and don't know how much I will be on flirt, but I'm hoping to stay in touch. I can't stress enough how important it will be to try and reach out to me to plan a show. Want to make sure we can get a few shows planned and with everyone's time schedule being different I would like to get emails or flirtphone calls from you letting me know you plan on being on tonight, or just send mea quick email here. May you all have a great week and talk to you soon.
Yesterday Date: Nov 29th @ 4:17pm EST
Not having family close by was a bit hard again for thanksgiving. Good news is that our neighbors which are good friends had dinner so we got to celebrate two days in a row. This of course is really nice to do and just relax with some good company and enjoy everyones positiveness. I think after my training for my new job which starts Dec.8th-13th. I will be going home to wisconsin with my friend mike which is going to be great. Not only does he get to come but has never saw snow or get to witness it snowing! So we are going to go snowmobiling with my family and four wheeling. Probaly fly back to vegas new years eve and do something here. I don't know what yet but def maybe go to the bellagio and watch the water show at midnight. I was going to go inside of a club but I don't really want to deal with a huge crowd and getting pushed the streets will be crazy enough.

Got a new car last week and sold my bike and old car so new job, new car, and hopefully a new place very soon so which I will be very excited about! Pools, hottubs and of course a home gym :)
Happy turkey day Date: Nov 27th @ 5:49pm EST
So today is turkey day and I'm wishing you all an amazing happy thanksgiving. Hopefully you have the privilege to get to spend time with those you love and care about. If you do not I'm sorry as I'm in the same boat. All my family is so far away but I get to talk to them alot so at least that is what matters and well family wont always be around but at least we need to spend some time today and really sit down and think about what we are thankful for. It's to easy to get into a rut and then never really look back. That basically means that we get stuck in our ways so much that it not only ruins our chances of happiness but ruins a lot of relationships that could have some great potential.

Anyone have any goals for fitness by the end of the year? Stop saying tomorrow or well after new years. There might not be a tomorrow or next week so start trying to day. Either it pack on some muscle or lose some weight I can make sure to help in anyway possible if you just shoot me a message here or call my flirtphone and ask me questions anytime you need to.
New job Date: Nov 26th @ 11:31pm EST
So today I got a new job and start Dec. 8th. I will be working monday through friday. How exciting right. It's a sales job with excellent perks, bonuses and best yet a set pay per week that way I know at least the minimum I will make and feeling pretty damn great about that. I was planning on leaving las vegas and going home but this job opportunity came and I have a great gut feeling that this is what I need to do and see where it will go. Everyday at work will be different talking with people from all over the world and that sounds cool to me because its a little harder to get bored with a job when each day is different.

I'm looking to move into a new place hopefully by the end of January and have my own pad and enjoy some me time doing whatever I want to do. As far as cams go I probaly wont be online hardly at all, maybe on the weekends, but plan to use my job money to do my own videos and work on some legit entertainment projects during the weekend in la.

For my birthday I would really enjoy going up to the mountains and go snow boarding that would be the best and have a few drinks around a fire with some snow. Anyways hope everyone has a great thanksgiving. My whole family is so far away so maybe tomorrow I will be seeing them on skype that would be nice. The weather here in vegas is perfect right now during the day but def gets chilly at night so goodnight and see you all soon.
Wishing you all a happy start to the week. Date: Nov 24th @ 5:05am EST
I'll be back on cam tomorrow. Monday 11/24/2014. Look online for my schedule. I want to reach more fans. The last few days on cam haven't been so great and I really look forward to how the next few weeks will be here on FLIRT :)

I get a epidural shot and that should help me for months and get me back on track with my life!

Let's have a great week!

Steps to see me more so then not.

1. Email me a time in PDT which is Las vegas Time zone ok :)

2. I will email you back and let you know I can make it. This makes it super easy for me to reach my fans all over the world at different times.

Remember boost points only last a few days. If you are still reading please put the following link into your browser and see how many Boost points you have.

Save this link to send BOOST points directly.
Please read all the way down important information.

Look where it says your balance.

Right under your balance it says PERFORMER put in my name and then you can choose how many points.

Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.

I hope you all had a great weekend. Have a nice monday. Email me if you get bored. Also you can use the flirtphone to call me anytime.
my car Date: Oct 14th @ 10:17pm EDT
Yesterday I went to the DMV and got to renew my registration and boy is it nice to be able to drive my own car haha. It was funny this guy at the counter was smiling quite hard and seemed as if he was having a great day so I had ask how his day is going great. He goes we to be honest I follow you off of Instagram LMAO. I saw you walk in and couldn't leave my desk, but then you actually got called to mine so I'm doing really well right now thanks to you. Well of course this made my day and we chatted for a bit until we were all done with business.

Afterwards akasi and I went to a place called sweet tomatoes. Previously until last week I never went there. It's a salad, soup, and some pasta buffet. The best thing I tried was the broccoli, raisin and bacon mix, I have no idea what they put on there as a dressing but yummmmmmy. Normally only time I eat broccoli is when it's gone through the juicer, but take my word for it and go there.

Today I cleaned the house and started organizing somethings that need to be done before the move. Just got my car cleaned inside and out and I'm deciding on what to do tonight. Will let you all know soon enough.
Friday Date: Oct 10th @ 7:21pm EDT
Was hoping to get my car registered today but its not going to work out the way I wanted it to. Will have to wait until monday so it looks like I will be sharing a vehicle for another day. Whats the weather like where you live? It's somewhat funny living in vegas. You hardly see anyone playing outside and right now it gets about 6pm and a ton of people are outside actually enjoying the outdoors. It's crazy hot here in the summer as most of you already know that about vegas, but for real it get so extremely hot. It's almost the exact same thing as living in wisconsin during the winter when it gets so cold the only option is to stay inside. This is also a difference between people who have lived here their whole live or someone who moved. Vegas natives say anything less the 90 is nice and I say fuck that anything less then 80 is nice lmao.

I'm thinking of going hiking really soon heard it the perfect time of year to go around 530 pm, maybe watch some sunsets and just get outside and enjoy the beautiful smells and scenery. The main place to go hiking here in Vegas is Red Rocks or drive out the the valley of fire where the rocks are all different kinds of red and when the sun shines on them it makes some amazing colors and images for you to enjoy!
Leg day update Date: Oct 8th @ 3:05am EDT
Slept pretty hardcore last night which is odd for me. I was dreaming the entire time. You know the times that you can just go right back into the dream? Man I was changing shit, making it appear, having fun in my dreams, didn't want to wake up at all. Dreaming happens a lot in my life. I think it's the way my mind can play out the life that I really want and be uninterrupted. What was your last dream? Do you remember it well? How often do you have the same dream. It's fun to talk about your dreams to friends and you really get to know a person if you just sit and listen but to often people do not do that or never really mention their dreams. Our dreams are a reality of what our minds want but can't put together in our real life. Of course the worst part about a person who dreams alot I also have a ton of nightmares that wake me up. It's more of an emptiness inside the nightmare. Not like demons or freddy kreuger stuff. They are like living life and then half way through the dream I realize that I'm not really in the dream I'm just watching someone else life that I want to be a part of but not actually there. Ya that is quite deep but hey its exactly how I feel and it get quite crazy. If you have any weird dreams or things that happen to you let me know I would be interested in hearing all about them.
Sunday Funday Date: Oct 5th @ 7:49pm EDT
I slept in a bit today but damn it was worth it. Cucumbers, parsley, ginger, limes, honey, kale, were all juiced together to make the perfect breakfast, also 4 raw eggs :) Instead of staying in the house, I took the dogs and destinee to the park and we played for like 3 hours. Dogs are so tired and it was so nice to get outside and feel the fresh sun. Belle was so tired out that she didnt even want to run anymore, so my younger dog vlad was like well Ill run lol. So all in all it was a great morning. Then we went to this little park that had those water spouts that came out of the ground and damn brought me back to being my younger self all over again. They should make a huge park like that where people can just run around and enjoy having fun getting wet.

Today I'm going to use 40CPM and see how that works. I would like to make some money this last sunday and have some fun doing it. My body is looking sick and and can't wait to see what all this green drinks are going to do for me :) haha. Oh and please dont forget to vote for me each day for the viewers choice.

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